Friday, January 14, 2011

Structural Designing

Structural Designing
Structural Spreadsheets containing following Designs

  1. beam Analysis
  2. slab 2way calc
  3. Beam Singly Reinforced.
  4. beam
  5. BeamBox
  6. Braced Column + Strip pad + Isolated footing + Combined footing + Strip beam
  7. Brick Retaining wall
  8. ddm
  9. Deflection
  10. Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure (IBC 2000)
  11. Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure (UBC 97)
  12. Finite Element Beam
  13. Footing
  14. Retaining Wall
  15. Seismic-IBC
  16. Seismic-UBC
  17. Short Column Designer
  18. Super Structure Design of Bridge
  19. SAP2000 Lateral Load Manual
  20. Two Way Slab
  21. WallLateralForce-IBC
  22. WallLateralForce-UBC
  23. Wind-UBC

this link also contains the following along with above analysis and design spreadsheets
Building Engineering ebook
  1. IBC 2003
  2. 2d Frame Analysis
  3. Wind load Lccture
  4. Tall Buildings Documentry
and much more informative civil engineering ebooks and lectures

Download Structural Spreadsheets


Anonymous,  January 28, 2011 at 11:26 AM  

Sir, i have an isolated footing for a steel structure warehouse. i want to design this footing, can you help me please.?? i need some help

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