Monday, January 9, 2012

Tekla Structure Integration into Analysis Softwares

Tekla Structure Integration with Different Structure Analysis Softwares

Integration between Tekla Structures and STAAD improve the workflow in the design phase at engineering
offices. The modeling of the physical structure starts in Tekla Structures, whereas the engineer will achieve an
understanding about how the structure is put together. With loads, support conditions and other analysis
properties set up in Tekla Structures, the model can then be analyzed in STAAD. After analysis in STAAD, the data results, for example section property changes are automatically integrated back into Tekla Structures model.As project changes occur, the updated Tekla Structures model can be re-analyzed and incorporated into STAAD at any time, while changes from STAAD can re-update the Tekla model and engineering drawings.The integration between Tekla Structures and STAAD is done through standard Open Application Programming Interfaces (API) that enables roundtrip functionality and good maintainability of the integrated workflow.



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