Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HEC RAS Manual

HEC RAS Working with HEC RAS an overview
HEC RAS is an itergrated package of hydraulic analysis programs,in which the user interacts with the system through the use of a Graphical User Interface.The system is capable of Performing Steady Flow Water surface profile calculations and will include unsteady flow,sediment transport and several hydraulic design computations in the future.
In HEC-RAS terminolgy, a project is a set of data files associated with a particular river system.The modeler can perform any or all of the various types of analyses,included in the HEC RAS package,as part of the project.The data files for a project are categorized as follows;plan data,geometric data,steady flow data,unsteady flow data,sediment data and hydraulic design data.

  • Starting HEC RAS
  • Steps in Developing a Hydraulic Model with HEC RAS
  • Importing HEC-2 Data
  • Reproducing HEC-2 Results
  • Getting and Using Help

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