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Watercad manual

WaterCAD is a powerful yet easy to use program that helps engineers design and analyze complex
pressurized piping systems. WaterCAD’s powerful graphical interface (both in Stand-Alone and
AutoCAD mode) makes it easy to quickly lay out a complex network of pipes, tanks, pumps, and
more. You can use WaterCAD to:
• Perform steady-state analyses of water distribution systems with pumps, tanks, and control
• Perform extended period simulations to analyze the piping system's response to varying supply
and demand schedules.
• Perform water quality simulations to determine the water source and age, or track the growth
or decay of a chemical constituent throughout the network.
• Perform Fire Flow Analyses on your system to determine how your system will behave under
extreme conditions.
• Use the powerful Scenario Management features to mix and match a variety of "What If?"
alternatives on your system. Create multiple sets of hydraulic, physical property, operational,
initial setting, fire flow, cost, and water quality alternatives. Create and run any number of
scenarios by mixing and matching alternatives, then view and compare the results quickly and
easily with WaterCAD's flexible scenario management feature.


  • What is watercad
  • Installation
  • Learning WaterCAD
  • Contacting Heasted Methods
  • WaterCAD Main Menu
  • Quick Start Lessons
  • Starting a WaterCAD Project
  • Laying Out and Editing Tools
  • Hydraulic Elements Editor
  • Flex Tables
  • Scenarios and Alternatives
  • Modeling Capabilities
  • Cost Estimating
  • Presenting your Results
  • Engineering Libraries
  • GIS and Database Connections
  • Exchanging Data with CAD Software
  • Additional Features of the AutoCAD Version
  • Appendix A - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix B - WaterCAD Theory
  • Appendix C - Scenario Management Guide
  • Appendix D - Haestad Methods Software
Download WaterCAD Manual


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